Storage and Organization

We offer unique storage ideas and will make your kitchen look like a focal point in your home and also help you to create a storage solution that works for you as well as your whole family. We will help optimize your kitchen organization in order to prevent pointless trips to the cool storage room in your home. storage and organization solutions are available in any door style & paint colour in our catalogue. “Offering furniture-grade, quality cabinetry at an affordable price with exceptional customer service.” You can also buy Ready Made Kitchen Cabinets.

Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen or moving into a new home, selecting a kitchen layout is an essential part of a full-scale kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Racks and Stands

At National kitchens Direct we make remodeling your kitchen an enjoyable experience which will allow you to realize your interior design wishes. With our wide selection of spice drawer organizers, wooden spice racks and pullout spice racks, you will be able to meet all your renovation needs. Whether that means a full kitchen renovation or a minor facelift, you'll want to explore similar kitchen remodeling examples before you get started. 

Your kitchen is considered the center of your home and the style and functionality we offer will compliment it all .It is most common when homeowner’s don’t want to change the overall layout of their kitchen to apply kitchen racks and stands as well as a pull out spice rack or spice rack cabinet to increase your kitchen storage capacity.

Wooden Spice Racks

Our storage and organization solutions are constructed of the finest Birch wood and sanded until smooth then vacuumed then an equalizing stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood. At this point our kitchen storage racks get a toner to establish colour uniformity then we apply a deep penetrating stain in order to reveal the hidden visual aspects of the natural grain of the wood. 

We then hand rub and wipe off all excess stain and slowly air dry. A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all wood surfaces for a uniformed protection, at this point all wood surfaces on our Kitchen racks and spice rack organizers are hand sanded for a smooth consistent surface, then a glaze is applied by hand in order to provide our quality consistency. A final inspection is executed with additional touch ups if needed. Finally our solid wood spice drawer organizers get a protective coat, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading as well as most any household chemicals.

Kitchen Organizers

Coordinated cabinet accessories help create a professional and seamless look. They can be utilized to help you maintain organization in the kitchen. After you select your cabinets, create an effective and professionally designed organized kitchen by perusing our stylish spice drawer organizers along with our wooden spice rack options.