Pantry And Wall Cabinets

National Kitchens Direct is delivering unique kitchen solutions such as RTA (Ready to Assemble), Kitchens for your D.I.Y projects. At NKD we know 85% of homeowners consider a kitchen pantry as well as kitchen wall cabinets “essential” or “desirable.” Your kitchen is a busy place, and you may need a wall pantry to create extra storage space in order to meet your family’s needs now as well as in the future when your family grows .

Pantry Cabinet and Selection:

Our broad selection ensures you get the best BANG! for your BUCK!. has a large selection of kitchen pantries, kitchen wall cabinets and wall pantries. The tall pantry cabinet is a modern-looking storage solution for your kitchen. This is a unique type of cabinet which comes in different sizes, for instance large kitchen pantry cabinets to maximize your storage needs in addition to wall pantry cabinets to give you the adaptability in your design. We also carry freestanding large kitchen pantry cabinets with the capacity to optimize the design potential in addition to offering various storage options.Our pantry cabinet design is meant to blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s current design and style.

Classic Tall Cabinet

The classic tall cabinet is the most popular style of pantry cabinet .This design offers the most storage space and stands on the floor. It features a full-height that extends to the ceiling if you can wish. Pantry cabinets come with two primary door styles. The most popular is a two-door design, with two large doors on the front of the cabinet. The other design type features four smaller doors to allow for improved convenience and versatility.We offer a variety of styles to meet your interior design needs.

Wall Pantry Cabinet Specifications:
Height Range – 84″, 90″ & 96″ (875mm)
Standard Depth – 24″ (610mm)
Width Range – 15″ to 36″ (228 – 1065mm)

While these are the main dimensions to choose from, the good news is that RTA pantry cabinets allow you to modify the height, width, and depth with the right tools and skill set. Consider Beautiful White pantry cabinets if you are looking to modify the dimensions of your RTA kitchen cabinets! Pantry cabinets can come in all types of designs, so you can find a solution that suits your kitchen design needs.