Kitchen Moldings

At kitchen Moldings are available in any door style & paint colour in our catalogue. “Offering furniture-grade, quality cabinetry at an affordable price with exceptional customer service.”

We suggest thinking of utilizing various cosmetic options, especially decorative moldings, they will add a new design feature to your kitchen cabinetry while giving your entire kitchen more character.

Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen or moving into a new home, selecting a kitchen layout is an essential part of a full-scale kitchen renovation. At National Kitchens Direct our designers recommend adding kitchen molding to your cabinets or ceilings this will help intensify the most basic kitchen. 

Kitchen Crown Molding

By simply adding the right Kitchen cabinet crown molding you can accentuate any kitchen design, Moulding can also provide ideal spacing alignment, hide imperfections, and complete any kitchen layout. Our designers suggest decorative functional cabinet molding in every kitchen.

Our Shaker cabinet crown molding is constructed of the finest Birch wood and sanded until smooth then vacuumed then an equalizing stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood. At this point a toner is used to establish colour uniformity then we apply a deep penetrating stain in order to reveal the hidden visual aspects of the natural grain of the wood. We then hand rub and wipe off all excess stain and slowly air dry. A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all wood surfaces for a uniformed protection, at this point all wood surfaces on our kitchen crown molding are hand sanded for a smooth consistent surface, then a glaze is applied by hand in order to provide our quality consistency. A final inspection is executed with additional touch ups if needed.

Benefits of Crown Molding

Using crown moldings on your cabinets will help draw the eye up while adding elegance to your kitchen. Crown molding is usually applied on the top of cabinets or on the ceiling right above them. Crown moulding will make your home upscale and classic and Decorative crown moulding helps serve that purpose. Generally they are installed to fill the gap between existing moulding, but it can be the only moulding you have as well, It serves to seamlessly connect the top of the cabinet to the ceiling. To create a uniform appearance,  the crown is perfect for kitchens with high ceilings and can serve as both a decorative and functional element at the top of cabinets. 

Moldings allow homeowners to truly customize their kitchen, no matter what  style. Cabinet Crown molding are the added trim pieces at the top of the kitchen , where the ceiling and walls meet at the top of cabinets. Moldings are used to cover up imperfections and hide any visible inconsistencies so that your entire kitchen design will look cohesive and smooth throughout.