Kitchen Hoods

Adding a Decorative Range Kitchen Hood is an exciting way to spruce up your design. Our variety gives you characteristic features, ensuring an overall custom feel to your RTA kitchen design. Wood hoods are also a decorative way to enhance any kitchen remodel. Any of our options will give you a magnificent looking kitchen design which will withstand the test of time. Using modern features and designs, we pride ourselves on the expansive collection we offer. See a complete selection of Range wood hood options and our extensive wood hood product line and you will soon see why so many order from us when they need to buy ready to assemble range wood hoods and are conveniently shipped with the cabinet flat packed for ease of assembly.

Hoods Dimensions

NKD Hoods are available in any door style & paint colour in our catalogue. “Offering furniture-grade, quality cabinetry at an affordable price with exceptional customer service.”

Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen or moving into a new home, selecting a kitchen layout is an essential part of a full-scale kitchen renovation. There are many aspects of your designer which can enhance the final look you are attempting to achieve. Our kitchen hoods are constructed of the finest Birch wood and sanded until smooth then vacuumed then an equalizing stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood. At this point a toner is used to establish colour uniformity then we apply a deep penetrating stain in order to reveal the hidden visual aspects of the natural grain of the wood. We then hand rub and wipe off all excess stain and slowly air dry. A wood sealer is applied, penetrating all wood surfaces for a uniformed protection, at this point all wood surfaces on our wood hood cabinet box systems are hand sanded for a smooth consistent surface, then a glaze is applied by hand in order to provide our quality consistency. A final inspection is executed with additional touch ups if needed. Finally our solid wood stove hood solutions get a protective coat, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading as well as most any household chemicals.


We use a combination of the latest technology and hands on approaches to ensure good quality cabinets to our clients. Our cabinets are all constructed with EPA TSCA tile VI Compliant AA Grader Ply-Wood and High Quality Medium Density Fiberboard and they are all FSC certified.